Patient Participation Group

We have formed a patient group in 2011 which is to give the patients the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest in our practice.

The group comprises of the Practice Manager and a mix of patients who have offered to serve in the group.

The group is representative of different ages, sexes and ethnic make up of the surgery.

Their aim is to provide the means for patients to make positive suggestions about their own healthcare and the practice.

They act as a representative group that can be available to influence local health and social care.

We hope that there will be positive suggestions from the group about the practice and patients own healthcare.

The information was greatly received by patients as it brought their attention to the number.

If you would be interested in joining the group please contact the Practice Manager Sandra Clapham at the surgery or fill out the registration form online.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 6th October 2021

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2019 Survey

Survey responses – Doctors

Survey comments – Doctors

Survey responses – Nurses

Survey comments – Nurses

Patient feedback from 2015 onwards has been through the Friends and Family survey.

Friends and Family Test Results 2018

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